Taxation as a means of migration control: The case of Hungary


Luc Leboef and Alice Pirlot, in “Taxation as a Means of Migration Control: The Case of Hungary”, debate and complement Deak’s analysis. They show that different types of interactions can arise between taxation and migration policies. Migration leads to tax consequences and, at the same time, taxation can influence migration. An analysis of the special immigration tax seems to suggest that it is the latest example of a broader policy shift to control migration. Taxation is being used as a means to deal with the aftermath of the so-called ‘European migration crisis’ of 2015, during which EU Member States struggled to provide a coordinated and efficient response to a sharp increase in the arrival of asylum seekers. Although taxation can be a policy instrument to achieve regulatory objectives, the use of taxation to regulate migration is questionable and may lead to violations of human rights.


Luc Leboeuf and Alice Pirlot