European Tax Policy Forum Research Papers 2006 - 2020

The European Tax Policy Forum (ETPF) was set up in 2005 to commission independent academic research into the impact of tax policy on business in Europe.  

This has resulted in a large number of studies of lasting value, many of them published in reputable academic journals. 

Following the dissolution of ETPF in 2024, the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation will make all the research commissioned by the ETPF available to scholars and the general public on this site.

Publications in Journals and Books

(Note: the year shown in square brackets is the year the paper was presented at an ETPF conference)

“Taxation and the Financial Crisis”

Julian S. Alworth and Giampaolo Arachi (2012)

Taxation and the Financial Crisis, Oxford: Oxford University Press. [2010]

“ Taxes and the location of targets”

Wiji Arulampalam, Michael P. Devereux and Federica Liberini (2019)

 Journal of Public Economics 176, 161-178. [2010]

“ The direct incidence of corporate income tax on wages" 

Wiji Arulampalam, Michael P. Devereux and Giorgia Maffini (2012)

European Economic Review 56.6, 1038-1054. [2007]

" Internationalization and business tax revenue—evidence from Germany"

Johannes Becker and Clemens Fuest (2010)

International Tax and Public Finance 17.2, 174-92. [2007]

“ Corporate Tax Policy and Unemployment in Europe: An Applied General Equilibrium Analysis” 

Leon B ettendorf, Albert van der Horst and Ruud de Mooij (2009)

The World Economy, 1319-47. [2007]

“ Corporate Tax Consolidation and Enhanced Cooperation in the European Union”

Leon Bettendorf, Albert van der Horst, Ruud de Mooij and Hendrik Vrijburg (2010)

Fiscal Studies 31.4, 453–479. [2009]

“Comparing UK Tax Returns of Foreign Multinationals to Matched Domestic Firms”

Katarzyna Bilicka (2019)

American Economic Review 109.8, 2921-53. [2017]

“Corporate taxation and capital accumulation: Evidence from sectoral panel data for 14 OECD countries”

Stephen Bond and Jing Xing (2015)

Journal of Public Economics 130, 15-31. [2012]

“Capital taxation, investment, growth and welfare”

Simon Bösenberg, Peter Egger and Benedikt Zoller-Rydzek (2018)

International Tax and Public Finance 25, 325-76. [2015]

“The impact of non-profit taxes on foreign direct investment: Evidence from German multinationals”

Thiess Büttner and Georg Wamser (2009)

International Tax and Public Finance 16.3, 298-320. [2006]

“The OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Initiative and Developing Countries”

Richard Collier and Nadine Riedel (2018)

Bulletin of International Taxation 72.12, 704-717. [2018]

“Opting for Opting‐In? An Evaluation of the European Commission's Proposals for Reforming VAT on Financial Services”

Rita De la Feria and Ben Lockwood (2010)

Fiscal Studies 31.2, 171 – 202. [2009]

“Taxation of outbound direct investment -economic principles and tax policy considerations”

Michael P. Devereux (2008)

Oxford Review of Economic Policy 24.4, 698-719. [2008]

“New bank taxes: why and what will be the effects?”

Michael P. Devereux (2014)

Taxation and Regulation of the Financial Sector , Cambridge MA: MIT Press, Chapter 2. [2011]

" The Effects of EU Formula Apportionment on Corporate Tax Revenues," 

Michael P. Devereux and Simon Loretz (2008)

Fiscal Studies 29.1, 1-33. [2007]

“ Effective labor taxation and the international location of headquarters”

Peter Egger, Doina Radulescu, and Nora Strecker (2013)

International Tax and Public Finance 20.4, 631-652. [2013]

“Repatriation taxes and outbound M&As”

Lars Feld, Martin Ruf, Uwe Scheuering, Ulrich Schreiber and Johannes Voget (2016)

Journal of Public Economics 139, 13-27. [2013]

“Firms' financial choices and thin capitalization rules under corporate tax competition”

Andreas Haufler and Marco Runkel (2012)

European Economic Review 56.6, 1087-1103. [2008]

“Capital structure and international debt shifting”

Harry Huizinga, Luc Laeven and Gaetan Nicodeme (2008)

Journal of Financial Economics 88.1, 80-118. [2006]

“ Former Foreign Affiliates: Cast Out and Outperformed?”

Beata Javorcik  and Steven Poelhekke (2017)

Journal of the European Economic Association 15.3, 501–539. [2014]

“ Corporate taxation and the choice of patent location within multinational firms” 

Tom Karkinsky and Nadine Riedel (2012)

Journal of International Economics 88.1, 176-185. [2011]

“ Migration and Wage Effects of Taxing Top Earners: Evidence from the Foreigners’ Tax Scheme in Denmark”

Henrik J.  Kleven , Camille Landais , Emmanuel Saez, Esben Schultz (2013) 

The Quarterly Journal of Economics 129.1, 333-78. [2011]  

“Where Does Multinational Investment Go with Territorial Taxation? Evidence from the United Kingdom”

Li Liu (2020)

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 12.1, 325-58. [2014]

“Corporate tax competition between firms ” 

Simon Loretz 
Tax and Public Finance 20(5), pages 725-75 . [2009]

“The impact of thin‐capitalization rules on the location of multinational firms’ foreign affiliates”

Valeria Merlo, Nadine Riedel, Georg Wamser (2020)

Review of International Economics 28.1, 35-61. [2014]

“ The effects of company taxation in EU accession countries on German FDI”

Michael Overesch and Georg Wamser (2010)

Economics of Transition 18.3, 429–457. [2008]

“How do Firms’ Outward FDI Strategies Relate to their Activity at Home? Empirical Evidence for the UK”

Helen Simpson (2010)

The World Economy 243-72. [2008]

“Relocation of headquarters and international taxation”

Johannes Voget (2011)

Journal of Public Economics 95.9-10, 1067-1081. [2008]

“Profit Shifting in the EU: Evidence from Germany”

Alfons Weichenrieder (2009)

International Tax and Public Finance 6.3, 281-297. [2006]

“ Carbon Taxation in Europe: Expanding the EU Carbon Price”

David A. Weisbach. (2012)

Journal of Environmental Law 24.2, 183–206. [2011]  


Working Papers


“Who Ultimately Bears the Burden of Greater Non-Wage Labour costs?”

Céline Azémar and Rodolphe Desbordes (2009)

University of Glasgow Working Paper [2009]

“Corporate Income Taxes in  the EU: an Economic Assessment of the Role of the ECJ” [2006]

Stephen Bond, Malcom Gammie and Socrates Mokkas (2006)

“Designing and Implementing a Destination-Based Corporate Tax”

Rita De la Feria and Michael P. Devereux (2014)

Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation WP 14/07 [2013]

“Measuring corporation tax uncertainty across countries: Evidence from a cross-country survey”

Michael P. Devereux (2016)

Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation WP 16/13 [2016]

“Taxes and the size of the foreign-owned capital stock - which tax rates matter”. [2006]

Michael P. Devereux and Ben Lockwood (2006)

“The Impact of Taxation on the Location of Capital, Firms and Profit - a survey of empirical evidence”

Michael P. Devereux and Giorgia Maffini (2006)

Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation Discussion Paper. [2006]

“Competition in corporate and personal income taxation”. [2007]

Peter Egger, Michael Pfaffermayr and Hannes Winner (2007)

“New Players, New Game: The role of the public and political debate in the development of action on international tax issues”

Maya Forstater and Rasmus C. Christensen (2017)

Copenhagen Business School. [2017]

“ The Allocation of Profits and the OECD Approach to Business Restructuring”, University of Kent [2010]

Chris Heady (2010)

“Personal taxes, labour regulation, and the location decisions of multinationals”

Hebous Shafik and Alfons J. Weichenrieder  (2013)

University of Frankfurt. [2012]

“What will the OECD BEPS Indicators indicate?”

Jost Heckemeyer, Christoph Spengel and Katharina Nicolay (2018)

University of Mannheim. [2017]

" Territoriality, Worldwide Principle, and Competitiveness of Multinationals: A Firm-level Analysis of Tax Burdens"

Giorgia Maffini (2012)

Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation WP12/10 [2012]

“Data for research in European business taxation”

Giorgia Maffini (2013)

Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation . [2013]

“Do Multinationals or Domestic Firms Face Higher Effective Tax Rates?”

Kevin Markle and Douglas Shackelford (2009)

NBER Working Paper 15091. [2009]

“Corporate Income Taxation Uncertainty and Foreign Direct Investment”

Marin Zagler and Cristiana Zanzottera (2012)

WU International Taxation Research Paper Series 2012-07. [2010]