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Giorgia Maffini, (ed) 2015 Business taxation under the Coalition government.

At a conference on “Business tax: the coalition years and the next parliament ” on 12th February 2015 the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation presented a report on the results of the government's aim to be the most competitive economy in the G20. 

The report, written by researchers in the Centre for Business Taxation and edited by Senior Research Fellow Giorgia Maffini, details the roller coaster of business tax reform that has been the hallmark of the current government since 2010. The report considers the effects of the various reforms on the competitiveness of the economy, including the reduction in the main rate of corporation tax from 28% to 20%; general capital allowance reduction; Annual Investment Allowance expansion; reform of tax credits for research and development; the patent box introduction and amendment; the new CFC regime; the Bank Levy and the new Diverted Profits Tax

Other articles and publications

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