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Other articles and publications

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Policy papers

Judith Freedman, 2013. Creating new UK institutions for tax governance and policy making: progress or confusion? Reprinted from British Tax Review, Issue 4, 2013.


Judith Freedman, Francis Ng and John Vella, 2014. HMRC's relationship with business. Draft report 19th June 2014.

At a conference on ‘Tax risk management: new approaches to tax compliance’ on 15th May 2014 the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation presented selected results from a survey on the relationship between HMRC and business. The report, written by researchers Judith Freedman, Francis Ng and John Vella, details the responses to a 2013 survey on the relationship between HMRC and businesses sent to around 1,800 companies with 30 follow up face-to-face interviews. The survey follows on from a previous survey conducted by two of the three researchers in 2008 (Judith Freedman, Geoffrey Loomer and John Vella, 2009. Corporate tax risk and tax avoidance: new approaches. British Tax Review, 1, pp.74-116). The 2013 survey covered co-operative compliance issues including the risk rating process and relationships with HMRC staff as well as dealings with tax disputes and the Litigation and Settlements Strategy.