Eddy Hiu Fung Tam

Eddy Tam is a Lecturer in Economics at King's College London. Prior to taking on the role at KCL, Eddy was a Research Fellow in the Centre of Business Taxation. He completed his PhD in Economics at the London School of Economics in September 2017.

Eddy's research interests include public economics and development economics. In a recent project, he studied the role of property transaction tax on the property market in Hong Kong and Singapore. He also researches on issues of development economics. His recent work on this area includes the study of diffusion of sex-selective technology on child outcomes in India.

He worked in The Suntory Toyota International Centre for Economics Related Discipline at LSE before he joined the School. He was a Teaching Fellow at LSE and taught graduate microeconomics, econometrics and development policies in LSE and UCL.

Eddy completed his BSc in Economics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.


Eddy has worked on consulting projects that have a close impact on the public domain.

This includes work with major organisations in Europe with respect to environmental impact in air traffic and accessibility to affordable fuels.