Dr Kristoffer Berg

Kristoffer Berg is a Research Fellow in Economics at the Centre for Business Taxation. Kristoffer’s research focuses on optimal taxation, fair tax policies, and behavioural responses to taxation. He is also a Junior Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College. 

Prior to joining the centre, Kristoffer was a Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oslo, where he completed his PhD in August 2021.

During his doctoral studies, Kristoffer was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley and a Fund Intern at the Fiscal Affairs Department in the International Monetary Fund.

Kristoffer has a Master’s in Economic Theory and Econometrics from the University of Oslo and an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics. He has also worked for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and Statistics Norway. 

Kristoffer has been awarded multiple prices and scholarships, including the Fulbright Scholarship and named as one of TaxCoop2020’s 35 Tax Leaders of the Future. 


Kristoffer has been conducting research on:

  • The relationship between non-discriminatory tax policies and redistribution
  • Taxation based on the equal sacrifice principle 
  • Intergenerational effects of a wealth tax
  • The self-employed’s behavioural responses to taxation 


Kristoffer has written extensively for Norwegian newspapers and think tanks. He has participated in the secretariat for the Norwegian Productivity Commission and the Sharing Economy Committee in Norway during his time at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance. 


Kristoffer teaches tutorials inn Microeconomics at Corpus Christi. Prior to joining the Centre, Kristoffer was course responsible for a Master’s course in Public Economics and taught a range tutorials at the University of Oslo.