Mike Devereux featured on BBC Radio 4's 'How to Raise a Trillion'

Mike Devereux

Professor Michael Devereux

In April 2020, the total managed expenditure of the UK Economy broke through the trillion pound barrier for the first time. Estimates from the Office of Budget Responsibility put the 2022/23 figure at £1,087 billion, equivalent to around £38,000 per household or 43.2 per cent of national income. In this series, Martha Kearney and BBC Economics Correspondent Dharshini David break down the income side of the UK’s balance sheet and look at how different forms of taxation, borrowing and the expectation of economic growth are likely to contribute to the way we pay for economic recovery. Featuring CBT Director, Mike Devereux.

Producers: Emilia Jansson, Jeremy Neumark Jones, David Prest.

Sound Design: Alice K. Winz.

Executive Producer: Rosamund Jones